March 15, 2023

Inside ThoraMedia, the fast-growing German Agency disrupting the Marketing industry.

Inside ThoraMedia, the fast-growing German Agency disrupting the Marketing industry.

Flexible schedules, remote working, digital environments and a wide array of Digital Services seem to be the perfect combination for their success.

From their offices in the centre of Germany, ThoraMedia is changing the workplace and how their employees can manage their time and organise their lives while delivering their best to their clients.

Consulting, Strategy, Website Design, Digital Marketing… you mention it, and they’ll make it happen through their network of partners and hired talent of their continually growing dynamic team.

Both their CEOs, Sebastian Sitek and Markus Thora, have complete faith in this flexible working model, which allows each of their employees to adapt to the situation and focus entirely on results.

The core services of ThoraMedia

Beginning with Consulting and Strategy, Thora is honoured for the close attention they give to the customers, always providing insightful information and going beyond the average Agency when it comes to providing advice and data.

Next-level Web Development with Automated Processes and complex tasks few companies can deliver. These are some of the things Thora loves doing. Building the Digital Product (Web-shops, websites…) to completion and then helping each of their clients to scale up their marketing through their expertise in Advertisement, Strategies for Growth and how to bring sales through perfectly designed customer journeys.

Is your business lacking in sales? Are you spending your budget in the wrong places, and your marketers can’t seem to find out why?

ThoraMedia would be the Agency to go to; their team is used to auditing their own processes and optimising each project to achieve the best possible outcome.

If something is missing, they’ll share the core issues in detail.

What’s next for them?

ThoraMedia is well connected within the DACH region, making them one of the best choices for companies seeking the expansion of their services to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, both in English and German languages.

Within their webinars and workshops, they aim to share as max knowledge as possible, bringing transparency to customers while educating the consumer to encourage better decisions when it comes to their Marketing.

One of the new exciting projects of the Agency is the implementation of Education tools, such as their blog and courses designed to bring a “beyond” feeling to the table. New Trends are barely new to them; they adapt quickly and learn before the trend is even a thing.

Who doesn’t want to be a part of a trend in this age of digital advancements?

For more information about the Agency, you can contact them easily via their website.

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