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Fer Rivero is a Digital Marketer, Marketing Consultant, Growth Hacker and Social Media Expert certified in Marketing by The University of Oxford and Saiid Business School.

Fer is known for his career as an Artist and Freelance Marketer for clients in Europe, the US and Asia for the past 12 years.

He started his career in Digital Marketing at a young age, working on successful projects in Spain. He played a key role in the success of Pizzerias Voy Volando, a local pizzeria that became one of the biggest chains of restaurants in Spain with a yearly profit of 11 to 18 Millions. He also led the national Growth Hacking expansion Campaign for the Lawfirm Solventa Tu Deuda.

At 21 years old, Fer moved to Asia, where he continued to develop his skills in all fields related to Digital Marketing. He worked on Web and Graphic Design, Performance Marketing (Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn Ads), as well as the development and optimization of Off-Page SEO and growing Algorithms for numerous companies within China and Hong Kong.

During his last years in Asia, Fer created his current company "Galeorithm Agency" in the past known as "The Algorithm Agency". He completely became a full-time marketer during the pandemic and currently works as the Marketing Director for his Agency while providing Freelancer Strategy and Consulting services to other agencies in the DACH Region.

His company has a record of more than 800 entrepreneurs and over 420 five-star reviews on Fiverr. Right now, he is also a Marketing Specialist and Consultant for ThoraMedia in Cologne, Germany.

Due to his experience in the field, Fer is a prolific writer and has written articles published on hundreds of digital outlets such as Yahoo News, The London Reporter, American Daily Post, and more.


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Our Expertise

Our Marketing skills include:

Performance Marketing
Currently working with:
Google & Youtube Ads, Meta (Facebook & Instagram Ads), Twitter Ads

Usually handling budgets up to 50.000€ with constant optimization and reporting

Consulting and Strategy
Marketing Consultant & Strategist at:
Thora Media Agency, Solventa Tu Deuda,
Galeorithm Agency...

Experienced with Short - Long Term Strategy for Companies, Brands and Freelancers

Social Media & Branding
Social Media Manager at:
DeineLocken, Virshields,
FatLab S.R...

Building Brands digital presence and growing their social medias organically for over 12 years.

Writing and Copywriting
Writing Articles in both Spanish and English for PurePressM. International Outlets

Experienced in Content Writing and International Press Kits

Video Creation & Editing
Recording and Creating videos for both Companies and Entrepreneurs,
Editing made with FinalCutProX

Video-Production mostly focused for Social Media and Youtube.

Web and Content Design
Front-End and UX Design with both Wordpress and Webflow.
(Current Website made on Webflow)

Focused mostly on implementation of blogs, UX...

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