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Need help getting your book published?
Are you an author seeking Marketing for your book?
Need design for Illustration, Book Cover and Publishing?

What we offer

Our goal is simply helping your as you become a renown Author.
For this, we offer 3 services that may be useful towards this:

Consulting and Strategy
Illustration and Cover Design
Publishing and Post-Marketing

Keep Your Royalties!

Most publishers will tell you about the high costs of Printing and other excuses, the reality is far from that.

We help you become a self-published Author who gets paid from every store worldwide directly to your bank account.

Your book is printed for around 4€ for 270 pages, on top of that, you can buy your own Book copies at real printing costs.

(Example: 10 copies x 3.78€ = 37.80€)

Some of our Authors already live full-time as writers!

What Do You Pay?

All you have to pay is our Marketing services chosen entirely by you.

On average a new author needs 2-4 hours of Strategy and Consulting + Book Cover Design + Marketing After Release.

A seasoned author may only need Book Cover Design + Marketing After Release.

The great thing is, a good book is a source of passive income for the rest of your life!

Most authors have recovered their investment on the first month due to the Royalties.

Others already count with more than 5 books with each of them bringing hundreds of euros monthly (for the rest of their lives!)

Feel free to ask us an estimation after introducing your book to us!

How To Start?

Talk to our team, send us an email, book a meeting with us or reach via Instagram to @ferriveromusic or @galeomarketing.

You can additionally fill up the formulary below and we'll contact you as soon as possible!

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