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99€ Google News Sites

20€ Small Blogs (4 Blogs for 65€)

89€ Branded Press Outlets

Mid-Tier Google News (180€-380€)

Premium, Top and Elite Press (400€-10.000€


How does it work?
We are connected to multiple Writers, Press Agencies, Reviewers and Curators who are publishing content on a daily basis! Once you give us your information, we will confirm with them and start writing.

How long will it take?
Getting your article written, reviewed and published may take up to a few days. Please beware, big press outlets can take up to two weeks.

Can I write the article?
Yes... partially, even though writing the article yourself helps us immensely, each outlet has their own style and ways of writing. We will adapt it to fit the requirements, don't worry, you will love the result!