February 8, 2023

Andrea Pizzo's new EP "Ada"

Andrea Pizzo, the artistic mind behind an incredible EP titled "Ada"

With two songs that blend a wide arrange of emotions and a different and unique tone of voice, Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice have achieved a wonderful result with the two songs released on October 26th 2022.

Music that elevates the soul is always welcomed and Pizzo keeps reinventing himself over and over, after his past album Potatoes on Mars, we were left with a great feeling of journey, of moving beyond the average artists and it felt like the pursuing of discovery.

In fact, Potatoes on Mars was reviewed and ranked pretty high by many music outlets out there.

Now with "Ada", he does a similar job and moves beyond just creating, in this case counting with Silvia Criscenzo to close the circle and deliver a wonderful EP.

it is about bringing value to people, evolving, exploring and finding new ways to reach new sounds, trends and offer always a better sound and a fully immersive experience.

Within this single we see two more sides of the group's personality and can peak a bit into the upcoming album which will begin with the song "Ada"

We love the continuity and the loyalty to his sound as an artist, "Ada" offers a calm and yet powerful ride while "The Boys from Silicon Valley" is more upbeat and energized, both bringing a great mix and expanding Pizzo's catalogue in the right direction.

Dedicated to mathematician and scholar Ada Byron, the project celebrates someone understood to have been the first programmer of human history, a figure that was barely known.

As is the way of Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice, music is both an escape from and confrontation with reality – unorthodox and unparalleled strengths that continue to appeal across a multitude of original singles and collections.

You can find more information about Andrea Pizzo in here:


The artist is big in his genre and his expertise in music is shown in each of his records, songs that already bypassed the 100k streams in platforms like Spotify.

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