June 22, 2022

How to keep earning Fans daily on 5 platforms as an Artist

How to keep earning Fans daily on 5 platforms

Is time to share my secret to get artists discovered daily while they sleep or forget about posting.

Fer Rivero, our CEO has over 84k followers on Facebook, more than 59k on Instagram, almost 76k on Twitter and multiple thousands on platforms like Youtube and TikTok.

Now, you probably think that as his Marketing Manager, I spent my whole day posting and doing algorithmic stuff on those platforms but the reality is far from that, I barely tell him to post and I spend less than 60$ per month on his ads. In fact, most of the ads are useless and my time is always used to work on our client's marketing. His strategy for growth has been so well developed, that he just keeps being discovered overnight.

Like most Artists out there, he wishes to live his life being paid for travelling and for doing music but the music industry is a tough place quite far from that.

The Key to our client's success? — The Galeo Algorithm.

I know, is quite disappointing to hear since not all of us work on Algorithmic Growth and Growth Hacking techniques but… what if I tell you that you can get this for less than 200 Euros a month?

Since our early goal in the Marketing industry was helping people with their Marketing, Fer created an agency devoted to this called “Galeorithm Agency”, previously known as The Algorithm Agency but recently rebranded since Galeo is the most unique product in our catalogue.

How does it work?

The Algorithm works flawlessly for Instagram and TikTok but… what about Facebook and Twitter? Here is where the Ads Optimization comes in.

Creating the Ads

We have 2 simple ads getting him new listeners and followers on both platforms, but these 2 ads have been really well optimized to spend almost no money per person, and still find people who will like what he does, with an average cost of less than 30$ per month.

Then, we just need to connect all his platforms and post the same into two of them.

Instagram connects to Facebook, FB moves people to Spotify. Tiktok connects to Twitter and so on, a couple of times a week Fer checks his social media and write some tweets, post something random and reply to all the messages but let me tell you, new clients, friends, fans and opportunities keep coming thanks to this tool.

If you would like to have access to this tool, feel free to schedule a free meeting with our CEO by clicking the link below so we can discuss the future of your Marketing! :D


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