September 18, 2022

How long it takes to go viral?

Galeorithm Agency’s new name, Brand and Business Model

Growing is always a great step in the way and for my company, commonly known as The Algorithm Agency, it was a necessary step towards specialization and unique branding.

I grew up tired of seeing other Marketing Agencies using the name Algorithm for their services not related to any algorithms at all.

Not only this new name was unique, easy to register a copyright with and innovative. The name would highlight the most unique product we have, our Galeo Algorithm, a self-developed tool that finds clients and fans for people on social media.

But the business model was a bit outdated since we went viral for our Music and Digital Marketing services in 2020–2021.

We love offering small affordable prices to our clients, making small musicians reach wide and big, small start-ups find their new followers and possible clients daily as well as move with bigger companies towards a Growth Hacking Strategy that their competitors would dream of.

We keep all our small services available, now at our website

But where are the big changes?

Our Business Model is now our biggest asset, thanks to our partnerships with Marketing, Press and Web Design Agencies, we’re able to bring each client to the next level and combine efforts towards their goals.

From Management Deals for serious artists ready to let a team handle all their marketing while they just worry about music to our team managing all the Marketing needs Companies are needing these days to stay relevant and present against their competition.

Other big changes:

  • Our Managed Artists will have their songs submitted to hundreds of opportunities monthly, making sure their music is exposed to all the possible opportunities, playlists, curators, chances to bring a return on investment as well as submissions to Festivals, Cinema, Series, Performances, Magazines…
  • Taia, our Customer Service AI keeps working towards making communication almost instant with our team, new blogs are posted regularly and we keep growing and closing collaborations to ensure we can offer a unique service that keeps proving successful over and over.
  • Our Team can now create the whole music video experience for artists, being already proven by some hits from Ottaz and his “Space Dream” and “Montecarlo” music videos as well as my own “El Poder” and “A Los Ojos” videos that reached over 100.000 people online.
  • There is a quick way to schedule a free meeting with me, just by clicking the right upper button that says “Book Meeting”, giving everybody the chance to pitch their ideas and have some guidance before selecting our services and products.

Any questions you can always reach me via Instagram or via our contact form at the website! Galeorithm Agency

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