June 11, 2022

Making FerRiveroMusic Viral on TikTok

What began as a challenge...

Fer Rivero, our CEO has always expressed how much he disliked TikTok due to the little quality content going viral on the platform. For him, only silly dances and guys taking his shirt off were trending there but... analytics and data were able to change his mind.

But a documentary changed his mind

A Vox Youtube Documentary filled with data made Fer reconsider his position. Out of all the new artists having major label deals and succeeding with their music, half of them were coming from TikTok. The best part is, data proves that their success happened in less than a year, while other artists outside of TikTok had to spend massive budgets and over 10 years to even get close to the results post TikTok Viralism.

We started our Marketing Strategy focusing on Content and improving results thanks to the discoverability our Galeo Algorithm gives us.

Fer began posting content on June 6, and even though he had already a TikTok account created a long time ago, he would barely use it neither post. He started again with 1.216 followers.

  1. Day 1 was ok, we knew it would take a bit of effort coming back into the platform so our Algorithm Galeo found over 100 people interested in the new content Fer was posting.
  2. On Day 2 things got interesting, we decided he should post 6 different videos during the day, mixing up few things we thought might have worked while also showing his music and his skills.
  3. On Day 3 two of the videos went way bigger than expected, specially one who got over 55k views and another one with 1.5k where he was simply having fun with a filter.
  4. Day 5 was showing big promises already, with over 900 followers coming thanks to that video starting to go more viral.

Upon multiple conversations with Viral TikTokers, Fer was encouraged to follow more trends and explore what is going viral as soon as it appears, even tries to find what's going viral before it actually blows up but... We had really clear that we were promoting an artist with thousands of followers in other platforms, breaking his image and current Brand in order to make him viral was not a possibility for us.

The Exponential growth came in as soon a video got a bit more viral

Fer told us that every minute he was getting new followers and tons of them were not even directly from the Galeo Algorithm, it seem as if that video being viewed was bringing a lot of new followers but they were barely commenting or living likes. Most of the comments were coming from the people our Algorithm was finding.

Here are the top 3 we saw happening thanks to Galeo's Algorithm.

  • New Fans were more than excited to talk with Fer, with some of them following him on Instagram and checking his music on Spotify.
  • Galeo increased the number of comments and discoverability even when videos were not viral. Growing was no longer a "lucky thing".
  • Some of these followers were turning into Superfans, asking more personal questions, and going through multiple videos.

Towards this study we are seeing incredible results, not only that TikTok is the easiest platform to earn real followers, but that the possibilities for growth quickly on the platform are way bigger than in other social media.

Another detail we found interesting was how much time Fer had to invest in the platform, in fact, we believe that with our algorithm and the same amount of content per day you can achieve similar results on Instagram and vice-versa but, on TikTok, the chances to get a video exploding into a viral hit are hundreds of times bigger than in other platforms.

Here is the Follower growth during the first 3 days

While his following went up by 23 on the first day, it took over 24 hours to see the return of the algorithm, which achieved 136 new followers in the first 3 days.

Now, the jump from 1.172 on the 4th day thanks to the video made him move to 2.181 as shown in the picture.

What would be the results after 7 days, 14 days or even one month? Will he grow faster per day the more followers he has?

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