August 8, 2022

This is why your content is not going viral

They have been lying to you

Companies and creators all over the world keep saying the same, content is key, put content out every day, this year is all about content etc... but after spending your time and budget on tons of content all over the internet you are at the same place, with almost 0 views, few likes, no clients and like 99% of the population, still not viral and living the life thanks to your social media presence.

The reality is, all this marketers and creators have been lying to you (not intentionally though). Let us explain.

Going Viral has 3 phases

Unfortunately, all these people telling you that you need to be creating and posting constantly are just feeding a loop of content within their already created virality some time ago, they are moved on to phase 2 of going viral and they will not share with you about the first and most important step, getting an organic audience growing towards you on a daily basis.

If we could resume the 3 steps into a short list, it would look something like this:

  1. Bypass the algorithms hiding your and grow organically on a daily basis
  2. Content is key, now that you have the audience, feed the loop constantly while growing even bigger
  3. Start featuring, partnering and monetizing while improving all you do.

As you can see, there is a massive first step that people can't seem to figure out, for example, how can I instantly go viral on Instagram if everytime I post I barely get likes and not even the people following me are receiving the post on their phones?

The first step is always the limiting line that divides the celebrities and influencers from those who aspire to grow on social media, youtube and others.

To Bypass the Algorithms, first you need to grow on a daily basis organically.

But how can we grow organically with a reduced number of followers and friends? How can we get our content to be seen without cheating? Most people will reply to these questions with typical useless answers like...

  • Post at the rigth time of the day
  • Share the post with your friends and followers one by one (spam)
  • Do Something unexpected

You have probably seen the results of this, people posting at 9AM Daily, videos without any meaning where the say, wait until the end just to increase their watch time. Clickbaits roaming all over the internet and people spamming you links to videos you will never be interested about.

But we have the solution

Is as simple as countering with a stronger algorithm, one that can find the people who will love what you post and all happening while you sleep! Yes, you need to keep posting but instead of waiting for the lottely to fall upon you, our algorithm Galeo handles the rest.

How does it work?

Galeo identifies people who usually love content like yours based on their behaviours on social media (similar to how Facebook and Google Ads work), once we find them, we engage with them to create the first connection point, we study the results and build progressiely a real audience that would have never discovered you if it wasn't for Galeo.

That first step is covered by us, with you only having to think about your content and finally seeing real people who engage, talk to you, love what you do and stay with you through your career!

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