August 16, 2022

When should you get a Manager as a Musical Artist?

When should you get a Manager as a Musical Artist?

And also, what kind of manager and team members do you need?

Most Indie Artists don’t know what to do once they release their music, in fact, only 1% of the artists are at the top of the industry, being the musical references we all see everywhere.

0.9% of those artists come mostly from the biggest labels and less than 0.1% of that 1% are Indie artists managing things on their own without a Label.

Is it impossible? Absolutely not, in fact, in the past years, the Indie Scene has seen a massive increase in Revenue for the artists who decided to take control of their future.

With that said, it is extremely important to understand 2 roles that MUST be in your team, whether full or part-time, you will need a Booking Manager and a Marketing Manager.

Wait, there are different types of Managers?

Yes, commonly known in the Industry, all artists have a Manager that will make decisions on their behalf and find them opportunities while closing deals, numbers and vice-versa.

There is a common error for artists, assigning a family member or somebody who “admires” them as a Manager and waiting on them to get their stuff done.

A Manager must have contacts, experience in the industry, know where to be and understand the business from 0 to 100. Usually, If the manager lacks the skills, then they will hire Managers for specific tasks, such as a Booking Manager (to find locations where the artists can perform) or a Marketing Manager (to handle all the Marketing ecosystem and make the artists grow daily).

This doesn’t mean your manager is useless, all Big Managers in the industry are connected to Booking Agents around the planet and have a big Marketing Team (mostly from a Music Label), that way they can only focus on closing the deals, signing contracts and making sure their artists are achieving everything, arriving everywhere, properly rested and their performances are as good as possible.

So… what kind of Managers are we?

At Galeorithm Agency we are fully Marketing Managers, even though we can submit your music to multiple opportunities, festivals and possible performing venues, we can only do that, submit and hope for the best. But when it comes to Marketing we can do everything necessary for you to grow.

First, you should have a Consulting Session with our Director Fer Rivero, where he will learn about your goals and give you advice on how to reach them, see what you’ve built so far and set the terrain for our team to start checking your insights, audience reports, content created and even the quality and potential of your music.

Once we have your bio, pictures and links, our team will start putting you in Press and reviewing your music to build buzz online and introduce you to our audiences via social media. That means that your SEO will start increasing while new people listen to your music.

The press choices depend on how big you are, we start with small blogs, then move to medium press sites (London Daily Post, US Times Now, UBJ, NY Express…) and once you are recognised and your audience is growing we are ready to move to bigger outlets such as Yahoo News, CBS, Fox, Forbes… The sky is the limit!

On top of that, we place ads on the biggest platforms and have algorithms developed to make you grow organically on a steady basis. Want people to listen on Spotify? We got you! Want your youtube videos to grow? We got you as well!

Have a consultation with us and learn what a Music Marketing Manager can achieve for your career.

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