From thousands of streams to millions. From a scattered audience to a loyal fanbase.

3 Million streams for Magnus Mason

October 11, 2022

Magnus was big, but we helped him become bigger

When we met Magnus Mason we were thrilled by the progress he made on his own, some of his songs had over a hundred thousand streams but his audience on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud wasn't really converting into loyal fans following him on social media.

He was lacking the strategy to grow an audience and even though some of his singles were quite viral in multiple Hip Hop -Lofi Playlists and he was being contacted by some big names in the industry, he was being a target for multiple scammers, fake agents and marketing agents claiming what they sold was fully real.

Working with Magnus is just awesome - Says our founder Fer Rivero

It was our algorithm Galeo who found Magnus almost two years ago via Instagram, we checked his Linktree and quickly found that he was big on Spotify, but it was extremely confusing seeing only 4.000 followers on IG, with most of them barely engaging and sharing about his music.

He was eager to grow and learn, he trusted us instantly and after a video call, he became one of our main artists at the agency.

Magnus has something unique, he developed his personal brand and style, he found ways to push through even when all was against him and he invested in himself even knowing that sometimes he would lose in the process.

What we did:

1. Data Analytics

First, we started by reading all his analytics, Magnus gave us access to all his stats from Spotify, Deezer, Facebook, Instagram... Data is without a doubt the first key to how to proceed with an artist's career.

We could see numbers not belonging to some areas, we could see the bad job made by some of the agents and companies he hired in the past and after a couple of consulting sessions, we taught him how to spot a scammer or fake playlist curator from a real one. Still, even taking all the bad practices they did with him, his real streaming flow was impressive but not converting.

It was time to act, we recommended a few of our services and we advised him towards his new album in production.

It took a few months to clear the bots, to find the real fans in a world of numbers and data but by the time we finish, we could really tap into the potential his audience had.

Magnus kept creating, composing and investing (smaller numbers as recommended by us) but his work was impossible to stop, he is going to thrive no matter how many people try to mess with him.

2. Press and Algorithmic services

We started writing about him on multiple press outlets, we needed more people to know who he was, but more importantly, we needed everybody who heard his songs and never followed to know who was behind that track they liked. It is really common in the industry to be heard but not to be known.

From our small blogs to bigger press, his name was growing bigger and our algorithm did a great job locating some of those missing fans.

Magnus grew to over 45.000 Followers on Instagram by just sharing his new songs and visual content.

This is an incredible achievement for somebody who is not releasing music videos and avoiding the Youtube market. His strategy is mostly based on his sound, with beautiful visuals that don't distract the listener from his lyrics and incredible beats.

All these efforts made it easier for him to talk with bigger artists and suggest collaborations with them, his presence was finally showing on Social Media.

3. Our Spotify Game

Instead of randomly investing in curators and playlist services floating around the internet without really knowing who is behind them, we chose to build his audience via Facebook and TikTok. We don't seek big numbers on Spotify for the sake of showing off, we prefer having fewer people who love his catalogue and grow daily, ensuring attendance to his performances in the future.

Using Facebook Ads we targeted only users verified with ID by Facebook,  his music was being listened to and then converting those new page followers into Spotify listeners.

Optimizing his Facebook ads has been key to finding that fanbase and really locating them, now we know who they are, where they live, and which songs they like the most and Magnus is seeing them following him on other platforms as a result of these practices.

Contrary to what artists usually imagine, his new album has been a total success and he invested 1/10 of what he invested in the past. His money is well allocated and our team monitors the performance on a daily basis.

To this day, his 16 songs album "People Always Told Me" has reached almost 1 Million Streams on Spotify and is being re-marketed over and over to capture new fans around the world.

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