Solventa came to us with a problem After investing almost 100.000 Euros in a company being sold as a top Marketing Agency in Europe, they saw no results. Now, we direct their whole Marketing department.

Solventa Tu Deuda - Best Debt Advisor of the Year

May 1, 2022

Solventa came to us with a problem

After investing almost 100.000 Euros in a company being sold as a top Marketing Agency in Europe, fake leads, endless meetings to get their results, dozens of complaints and no engagement, growth or anything related to social media, Solventa Tu Deuda decided to hire us to Audit the work this Agency was doing.

It took a long week of messy emails and studying their work

Our CEO Fer and Solventa's directors took care of this matter personally and when confronted against the Agency to expose the lack of results they just said, if you're unhappy just not hire us anymore.

The Directors spent no time firing that Agency and creating their own Marketing Team, hiring a Marketing Assistant to collaborate with us internally and putting our team in charge of their Marketing Department.

What happened since

We set a whole new structure for their Marketing and Content in Social Media, bringing new Leads through Instagram with Galeo Algorithm.

Our team trained their Marketing Assistant and started Email Campaigns.

Made sure no other company kept the same name since Solventa had registered copyright over theirs.

Cleaned and organized more than 10.000 leads, the mayority of them being fake or from contries where Solventa had no jurisdiction.

Towards branding, we designed an entire ecosystem based on Solventa's colours, Dossiers, Content for socials...

Reduced endless meetings explaining lack of results to a3 pages Marketing Reports with the information most crucial to them.

Improved their website, managed it, wrote dozens of new articles, increased their SEO and fixed hundreds of errors

Reduced their budget on Google Ads from 3.000 Euros per month to 150 Euros, obtaining the same amount of leads with that.

Opened a new route for leads to entry, making the website and Instagram their top places for getting customers.

Daily our team spends hours making sure Solventa's ecosystem is working properly, we create content, manage their social media, write articles and offer new Marketing ideas.

Our Results are noticeable

Only on Ads, compared to the previous Agency to us we lower the cost per click to 0.30 cents, 1 Euro less than they had before, this saved them more than 11.000 euros as they paid to Google last year, getting tons of useless leads.

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