CAM was an Art studio based in Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid, Spain. They became incredibly successful the moment we placed them on the map. We started our marketing strategy and even though they closed due to their owners changing cities, their customers still remember them as the best dance Academy in the city.

Using Competitors as fuel to create new clients

May 1, 2022

CAM had an issue, their competence was fierce

When CAM Centro de Artes Multidisciplinares came to us, they told us about their negative experiences based on their competence using illegal ways to try to discredit them, get them out of the market and make them look unsafe.

But CAM's customers thought otherwise, parents of their students loved the place so much, that they would go to the streets and even denounce at the local government for the abuse the studio was having from their competitors.

We created a plan for them

Our Plan was going to avoid using Ads and focus on quality, guerrilla Marketing, Risk strategies and Growth Hacking Techniques to bypass the ways others were trying.

Within the first year, CAM had already hundreds of students registering, coming of course from other studios.

These new students and parents were so committed to the studio that they agreed to share fliers around the town, put money and time into helping the studio locate in a better area and used all their network to showcase their talent and different competitions and performances around multiple cities.

CAM changed location and even though they were afraid of losing customers, the Marketing Strategy was working so well, that they actually doubled their audience, with students from nearby Universities joining them.

The competence was furious about CAM's success

While competitors were losing clients, CAM's mouth to mouth marketing was blooming without spending a euro on anything else than fliers and investing time on recording videos, taking pictures and organizing events around town.

On their second year CAM already earned awards in multiple competitions and even opened a professional program for their most committed students.

It moved beyond our expectations

Competitors were still trying their worst moves against CAM, casting a shadow of doubt over themselves and actually promoting the studio with their hatred. All their students wanted to know who CAM was, so we brought in some Youtubers and Influencers.

We wanted to scale bigger and higher, that's why we decided to offer challenges and free lessons to teach some acrobatics to Youtubers, giving them a new type of material for their channels while promoting CAM in a passive way.

The results came back quickly, with people from all over the country seeing the studio location, searching around the are where it was located and about their lessons.

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